One Time

One time, I actually had minutes in my day to update this blog! Sorry it’s been a while.  SO here’s a quick update- Chris successfully finished his 2nd treatment last Sunday. He’s back home now, sitting in front of fans and eating ice cream because boy, oh boy!, has it been hot here in San Diego. Heat and light sensitivity, as well as extreme fatigue (think achy flu-like) have been the only side effects of the chemo. The steroids, though, have produced an insatiable appetite and I am extremely happy to announce that I have received many offers of  home-cooked meals to be delivered to Chris and I. So far, thanks to Lisa for her delicious vegetarian lasagna, that Karen and I enjoyed as an alternative to hospital food! Thank you Christy, for the Chicken tomato kale soup and orzo. And thank you Andrea for the lentil soup-I don’t like lentils- but Chris gave it a thumbs up! One time, I use to love to cook and bake, now I am too busy providing TLC (which I enjoy, don’t get me wrong!). If you decide you would like to cook us something- the only restrictions we have are that it is not spicy, if it is meat it has to be cooked through, and if it is bacon- it must be pork, none of that “Bak’n” or turkey bacon stuff! We also will accept cookies or baked goods shipped to us from our loved ones who live farther away.

Chris will have his next treatment starting Tuesday 10th.  I am excited because, Claudia, his little sister is flying out and staying with us during the next round and it will really cheer up Chris to see her and me to have a little extra support!

BIG NEWS: Chris will be flying to OHIO the 16th, getting in really late.  He is only there till Friday night. So if you want to see him, I suggest you call him or Karen (where he will be crashing) and set up a time to stop by. If you are sick, please don’t come by.

One time Chris had a boat, called “One Time”. He and all his Put-In-Bay friends loved to “yacht” in it. Unfortunately, it retired once Chris left the island and was reclaimed as a planter for flowers, bushes and even trees (see under photos). Chris is wearing a shirt today he used to wear when he was skinny- it says “one time” on the front-therefore he is my muse for this post.

I can’t wait for the day to come when I can say “One time Chris had cancer, so very long ago.”

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One Response to One Time

  1. Ruby, aka, Robin says:

    Thanks for the update! I was just on the island Sat. and checked in on “The One Time” and you both will be happy to hear that the trees are still growing, LOL. FYI, no matter what you hear I did not shoot Shoeless while I was there.
    The best line I have heard all week “One time Chris had cancer, so very long ago” Can’t wait for that day of celebration. Luv ya both and looking forward to Chris’s return to Ohio visit. =)

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