Cookies and Baseball!

May 8th, Anaheim CA

Today we went to a baseball game. Cleveland Indians vs. Anaheim Angels. A great, exciting game, even though the outcome was not what we wanted. Afterwards we hit up Dairy Queen. A wonderful day.

This week we received a much needed plethora of food. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Todd and Kacy made a mexican rice casserole. Chris finished it withing 24hrs! Catt and Jerome brought over a huge roasted chicken with sides that Chris nibbled on for days. Jon and Janella made 3 large pieces of pork tenderloin with a  pasta primavera to go along side it-Chris said it was one of the best home-cooked meals he had in a long time! They also brought us a dozen fresh eggs from their backyard chickens! Friday night we were blessed with a lasagna that was just out of this world, Clea really outdid herself. And the cookies she made were wonderful. Speaking of cookies….at one point in the week, we had easily 10lbs of homemade assorted variety cookies! Kacy made us an assortment of delicious oatmeal cookies, Karen sent us her reputable scotchies, Marci made us chocolate chip BACON cookies, and Clea made us traditional chocolate chip cookies.  Thank you everyone for making sure we were well fed.

In addition to food, we received a few more donations this week from loved ones. Thank you so very much. It has relieved a lot of anxiety and stress.

Just a reminder-Chris will be in Ohio the 17th-20. Then he will meet me in CT from the 21-25. Keep yourselves healthy so that you can come visit!

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2 Responses to Cookies and Baseball!

  1. Amanda Abbott says:

    Wonderful to see your amazing friends taking care of Chris too! Aris and I can not wait to see you when you are both here! Love, A-dogg

  2. John A. Baird says:

    Hope you’re doing great for your trip to “The Best Locarion in the Nation”. If I had wheels, I’d get over to your folks to visit next week. Maybe I’ll find someone I can hitch a ride with.

    Loved the photo of you at the Tribe-Angels game. Because of the time differtial, I did watch part of that game. It looks like the Indians may be a contender in the AL-Central this year! ‘Bout time.

    Have a nice flight….

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