important update

Chris went into acute renal failure today, probably because of the high dose methotrexate. he is still in the hospital, his chemo level in his body is too high to go home due to the renal failure, however the chemo staying in his body is keeping the level too high. catch 22. he probably wont be making the trip to Ohio this week. It was a very hard weekend, luckily his sister, Claudia, was here to support both of us. I am very tired, so this blog will not sparkle. I will speak with his Dr. tomorrow and then update this blog. Please keep Chris in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

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One Response to important update

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hi guys,

    Sorry you won’t be making your transcontinental trek. I was looking forward to presenting Chris with some Duck Rabbit in Cleveland. Since that plan is on hold, Rachel would like to send some cookies and good cheer. Can you email me an address on Facebook?

    Best Friend

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