The Eagle has Landed

If you have heard the rumors, it is true, Dr. X gave Chris her blessings, discharged him and told him to go catch a plane! His kidneys will recover over the next few days, the damage should not be permanent. I put him on a plane last night and just got the phone call that he was riding in his parents car on the way home.

As far as his treatments go, Dr. Xavier says we will need to start fresh when he gets back and figure out the right “cocktail” dose so that his kidneys aren’t harmed again. There will also be some localized radiation and a chemotherapy spinal tap happening in the near future, which of course we aren’t thrilled about.

My hopes are that this trip home and to CT (my home) will rejuvenate him spiritually and emotionally so that we can go into the next treatment ready to kick ass!

Keep your eyes open for some upcoming photos-he promised to take pictures.

Thanks again for all your love and support.

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4 Responses to The Eagle has Landed

  1. andrea says:

    My friend Maz told me there is a documented correlation between lymphomas and a malaria-like disease called babesia. (Babesia duncani, Babesia microti.) If Chris is an outdoorsy person, he might have been bitten at some point by an infected tick which would carry co-infections such as babesia, erlichia, mycoplasma, etc. It might be of use to get his blood tested for babesia, as there is an antibiotic protocol for this that could remove it as a catalyst for the lymphoma. Also steroids like prednisone are terrible for patients who do have lyme disease or other bacterial or protozoan co-infections… so if he is taking anything like that it might impede his recovery. Anyway, when I saw the Suzie’s Farm post come up today on my Facebook Feed I thought it would be the kind thing to do to alert Chris about the relationship between lymphoma and babesia. Here is a link to a study to get him started in research –

    I hope this helps and either way I wish Chris the very best in recovery!!!

    • Sayer Dion says:

      Hello Andrea,

      Thank you for the information it is very important as a patient to be educated on all areas of the disease, however Chris and I completely trust his doctor and know that with her extensive experience in this type of cancer, she is aware of all correlations to it and therefore has done all testing necessary. As far as the steroids go-there is no chance of getting off of them, unlike some of the case studies I read on this research, Chris has Primary CNS Lymphoma and it is in his brain. As you are aware of, the skull does not stretch, therefore any swelling in his brain can cause extremely life threatening outcomes- which is why the steroids/anti-swelling drugs are not a choice. They are a must.

      Thank you for your support,

  2. Catt White says:

    Great news after a hard week. Seeing is family and friends, and yours in CT, has to be some of the best medicine for Chris right now. Thanks for keeping us all updated, Sayer, it’s much appreciated with all you have to keep up on that you keep everyone in the loop. Safe travels to you both.

  3. John A. Baird (a.k.a.= "Uncle" John) says:

    I just made a phone call to Martin & Karen. Chris is “home”. Marty said he arrived here OK c.10 this morninng, and is now (@ 3:40) taking a nap.
    His ever comic dad said: “…his arms hurt from flying all night”. That’s my Marty.

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