Happy, excited, grateful, hopeful.

First of all, I have to say that it makes me a little nervous to talk about 100% anything, but I am certainly thrilled by the results of the MRI and incredibly grateful to Dr. Xavier and all the other doctors, nurses, and medical staff at Scripps Mercy. The ‘medical establishment’ gets a lot of criticism but the power of modern medicine to cure diseases and save lives is truly awesome. Four months ago I couldn’t see, didn’t know where I was or what day it was and was terrified by hallucinations stemming from the pressure in my brain. Today I’m walking and talking and reading and writing and my brain is as ‘normal’ as it’s ever been.  I’ve had radiation therapy, seven different chemo drugs, and another collection of pills, injections and blood transfusions to deal with the side effects.  But it’s working!  I still have to finish all the treatments, and will be in follow up care for a long time, but as of right now there is no sign of tumors at all and it looks like I am cancer free!

Thank you all so much for the love and support you’ve given over the past four months.  I don’t think I would have been able to handle this whole experience if not for the kindness and generosity of family friends, neighbors, and some people I thought were strangers!  As I finish my treatment and start to return to my previous life, I just hope I can repay a little of the good will I’ve been so fortunate to receive.

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2 Responses to Happy, excited, grateful, hopeful.

  1. John A. Baird (a.k.a.= "Uncle" John) says:

    That’s GREAT NEWS, Sayer and Chris. All your friends are elated for you.
    Whatever you believe in “the other”: there’s “someone/think” in a world beyond that has been loving you two. I thank Him/Her for sending you such great medical care,

  2. Howard Mahoney says:

    Again – congrats Smeech! I was wondering if you are the unluckiest or the luckiest guy I know. Because the ability to overcome is more powerful than the ability to avoid, I’d have to say you’re the luckiest guy I know.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and follow-up so you and Sayer can get on with your lives and wedding plans.

    God Bless you both. Love Howard

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