When it rains it pours!

And it is pouring in San Diego! Figuratively speaking, of course.

Not many of you know this story, but last September, after a full year of me working on Chris to move in together, we finally did. We rented the house of a good friend who had moved up to British Columbia. We had been there for only 15 days, when the city showed up and turned off our electricity (apparently the electrical boxes outside weren’t up to code). At first, we thought, awesome! it will be like a camping trip!, but after 2 weeks, Chris had to start working on me. He tried so very hard to convince me to just appreciate the experience we were having. However, I did not find it romantic or adventurous at all when the fridge started to smell, or when I bumped into walls at 7pm, or when the neighbors came over to complain about the noise the generator was making out front. All our friends and family thought we were crazy to stay there that long, but Chris thought it was a great opportunity for us to save money since we were staying there rent free. One day he said to me “Sayer, if we can get through a month without electricity, we can get through anything!” Of course at that time I never expected a brain tumor to be the “anything”.

Looking back, I smile on that time we spent lighting candles, eating out, wearing headlights to bed, putting gas in the generator.

Obviously, Chris and I handle adversity well. This medical battle has been a testament to that.

This week has tested us. Both emotionally and physically.  I continue to work obscene hours and while trying  to conserve my positive energy for Chris. Chris was faced with yet another bump on the road. We had to skip the Mammoth Beer and Blues Festival because of a DVT (a deep femoral vein blood clot or thrombosis, in medical terminology). I was given the honor (and pleasure, in my sick head) of giving Chris injections in his stomach of blood thinner 2 times a day. On Monday, we had to get a follow-up and complete blood work up to see how is platelet counts were. While we were at the doctors, they noticed his blood oxygen level was very low. He was admitted into the hospital and received a CT to check for a pulmonary embolism (a potentially very serious blood clot in his lungs). In fact, he had multiple pulmonary embolisms. They immediately started him on heparin, a nasty effective blood thinner. It was obviously working because the 6 small injections sites on his stomach became a map of the Great Lakes (a vast and dark indigo bruise) and his left leg was bleeding internally into his muscles causing extreme swelling and pressure (accompanied by 10 out of 10 pain). To combat the excessive bleeding they stopped the heparin, inserted a filter through his jugular, a large neck vein and into his inferior vena cava (to prevent any more leg clots from traveling up north to his special areas: heart and lungs) and now he is enjoying the wonderful fuzzy happy feelings of dilaudin. Let me remind you, dilaudin was the pain medication Nurse Honey Bunny administered to him after his brain biopsy. Tomorrow will mark a full week in the hospital and there will be more days to follow. So if anyone has some time, phone calls and emails to Chris would be greatly appreciated.

For now, reality TV and yahtzee will keep us entertained as we try to adjust to this new rain storm we are experiencing. Thanks again for checking in.


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2 Responses to When it rains it pours!

  1. Connie Martel says:

    Hang in there guys !!!!!
    Sending love, good wishes & prayers your way.

  2. Karen Smyczek says:

    Dilaudid rules! Enjoy the trip, they will stop it soon enough. Hope today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than that, etc. etc. etc. Sending love and positive vibes to you and Sayer. Chris is right, if you got through that awful month, you WILL get through this. Love you much. Mom and Dad.

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