We like clean.

Yes, we do. And by clean, I mean not just his blood, his tissue, and his spinal fluid- as of today, his bone marrow! Chris is one tough cookie. Last week, in addition to the intrathecal (spinal) chemo he received, he also had the “pleasure” of a experiencing a new procedure, bone marrow extraction. He has now had both his skull and his iliac/ilium (hip bone) drilled into. If that doesn’t earn him bragging rights, then I don’t know what does. His leg is finally healing, the swelling has gone down, and it is much less painful. Last weekend, we had the opportunity to take a short weekend vacation up to Kern River. We camped feet from the river, hiked at 9,900 feet, sat in the river drinking beer, and listened to the rain hit our tent at night, while lightening flashed. A nice trip.

In the next few months, Chris is scheduled for 2 more spinal chemo sessions and one more “in-house” crazy chemo. Hopefully by New Years, we will be able to start the year off fresh, healthy and kinda back to old routine.

Thanks again everyone for your love, support and continued prayer. We appreciate it.


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2 Responses to We like clean.

  1. John A. Baird (a.k.a.= "Uncle" John) says:

    Wow. You make the 10th point of the Scout Law (~”A Scout is Brave~) look puny. You sure as hell are “hanging-in there. Your camping experience made my “home sick” for the many days I went “tent camping”/ I recall rain on the canvas ~~ hoping it would “let up” by morning, when I’d have to rouse the troop to cook breakfast on a wood-fired grill. [In a place far away, in a spot I fondly remember, called Scout camp.]
    Glad to hear your recovery is progressing… you hang tight to Sayer she’ll help bring you thru your mad problems!!!

  2. John A. Baird (a.k.a.= "Uncle" John) says:

    [excuse my typo== “…thru your MED problems!!”

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