War of the Worlds???

Chris' DVT filter

It was removed successfully, Wednesday, after his 3rd intrathecal chemo! Much larger than I imagined and it reminds me a lot of the UFO’s in War of the Worlds (Sucky Tom Cruise Version).

We also got news today that his spinal fluid was again NEGATIVE for malignant cells. This news will never grow old with me. Did I mention that 2 weeks ago his blood marrow came back negative as well?!

Hope all is well with you, my readers, followers and supporters. We love you all and feel very blessed.  Thanks for keeping in tune.


Another view of his foreign body

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2 Responses to War of the Worlds???

  1. Karen Smyczek says:

    I’m with you, Sayer. I could hear good news like that every hour on the hour. Sending love and positive thoughts your way!

  2. Jeremy says:

    I didn’t know that growing pine needles was a side effect of treatment. Learn something new every day.


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