Moving on up!

Chris just completed his LAST chemotherapy today! We decided that it would be “fun” to look at some pictures taken of him during his stints at the hospital. We’ve included a montage of photos from April and from October. I’m sure after seeing these, you will have a better understanding of the seriousness of his FORMER condition.

Nasty tumor

4/7/2011 MRI




10/18 MRI


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3 Responses to Moving on up!

  1. Karen Smyczek says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!! All done—hopefully forever! Sayer, those MRI shots are really disturbing, I knew what size you said it was but seeing it is really unnerving. This is truly a miracle.

  2. John A. Baird (a.k.a.= "Uncle" John) says:

    Glad to hear more “good news”!
    I did go on your facebook post today….and admit I didn’t read ALL of it. But, got the general idea of what you 2 had been going thru (since April).
    WOW! Last Chemotherapy Congratuations and blessings to yo both!
    Uncle John

  3. Jeremy says:

    And on Guy Fawkes Day, at that. Remember, remember, the fifth of November….

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