Correction: Chris and his wife (!) will be going home to both OH and CT for Christmas! Yes, if you didn’t happen to notice on FB, but Chris and I are heading to the courthouse Wednesday (11/23) to elope. It is not how we planned, but what has this year? This comes about so fast because the higher beings (government) decided that best way to reward Chris for being so brave and overcoming such an obstacle, is to refuse him coverage when seeing his oncologist, Dr. X.  So yes, we are getting hitched early so he can jump on my terrific insurance and still see that miracle worker.

But don’t y’all worry, we are still having a great party in September where we will renew vows, exchange rings, dance and celebrate our union, Chris 1 year remission anniversary and his graduation from college! I already have a wedding dress, so you all better still come!

Anyhow, I would also like to stress all that I am thankful for and can’t wait to see you all for the holidays!


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4 Responses to Correction!

  1. Karen Smyczek says:

    Yea! Congratulations and best wishes! So delighted to have another “daughter” in our family. If there were ever two people more devoted to and made for each other, I don’t think I’ve met them yet! Here’s to a healthy and lengthy lifetime to two of my favorite people.

  2. John A. Baird (a.k.a.= "Uncle" John) says:

    Hi, Sayer & Chris,

    You aren’t the first to “book” a civil ceremony, so that a spouse will be covered under insurance. For the “so called” richest country in the world ~~we have some shitty insurance regulations. Congratullations to you at beating them at their own game!

  3. Colleen L. says:

    Congratulations to both of you- I’m very happy for you Sayer!

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