Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating yet another birthday, but that’s not the anniversary I’ll be thinking of.  It will be six months to the day since Dr. X gave me the great news that the nasty illness I had was in remission.  I’ve remained symptom free and all my tests, including an MRI earlier this months, have shown nothing but healthy cells.  I’ll get MRI’s of my brain quarterly for the next couple of years, just to make sure there’s no recurrence.  Unlike the last one, they will not be scheduled on a Friday.  It’s really not that much fun waiting until Monday for the results!

I’ve been feeling better and I’m resuming many of my normal activities, but I’m learning that it takes a long time to recover from all the side effects of the treatments I received.  Last weekend, Sayer and I hiked up to Cuyamaca Peak, about a six mile walk up and down a steep hill; my legs still hurt.  I’m going to keep at it, because I really want to get back in shape; someday I want people to tell CNS lymphoma patients, “I know a guy who had that, and he’s out climbing mountains right now.”

In an exciting development, I was finally able to go back to work on a regular basis this month.  It’s a great feeling to be earning a little money again, and it helps to make me feel that my life is getting back to normal.

I’ve now been married for two months, and we a are planning a reception in the fall.  I know, it’s probably a little more traditional to have a reception the same day as the wedding, but Sayer and I like to do things our way.  Plus, we did have kind of unusual circumstances.  Anyway, we picked a spot, in New Hampshire, and it should be a beautiful fall day to celebrate our wedding.

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