This month has been a month of charity and appreciation. On April 7th, we celebrated D-Day, Diagnosis Day. It was the most difficult day of my life last year-finding the balance of strength, sanity and support for Chris while our families, our “rocks” were over 2000 miles away. This April 7th we decided to highlight the opportunity of having this day together. A day we both thought would not happen, a year ago.

A week later, I worked an event for a wonderful organization, Cancer for College, in which $50,000 was raised! The organization raises money for college scholarships for young adults who had or have cancer and can no longer afford college due to medical bills. This is the second year I have worked this event (last year raised $40,000). Both years the event was held at my place of work, Blind Lady Alehouse. They closed their doors all day and night, sacrificing the profits, yet supporting a moving cause. Will Ferrell was even there again this year, he even did some bartending!

Blind Lady also hosted an event, in February,  honoring Chris and a baby girl, Lyla and their fights against cancer. They raised each of our families over $4000 to help with medical bills!

Chris and I have since donated 10% of the donation made to us to Kimi Schroeder, a neighborhood-local five year old fighting neuroblastoma. In addition, with the help of our beloved friends, Lisa and Jack of Viva Pops, we are currently in the process of making a organic popsicle, following the recipe created by Kimi herself, to be sold at the store in which 100% of the profits goes to help Kimi and her family with medical bills.

Last night, we went to  a benefit dinner with our close friends Allison and Justin. Bencotto, by far our favorite Italian restaurant in San Diego, opened their doors on a closed night for 200 customers. 100% of their profits went to Rady’s Children’s Hospital Oncology Floor! When we left, the donation was over $9,000. That is ALOT of crayons, toys, stuffed animals, movies, warm sheets, and soft socks!

It is a bonus when you can buy a wonderful meal, or a glass of Pliny the Younger, or a handcrafted organic popsicle or a fantastic bottle of wine and the money goes to charity, but I have learned a very important life lesson- how important it is to be charitable everyday, without expecting a tangible return.

This week we had great news and a minor setback. Chris’s MRI was clean! But his ultra sound showed that the DVT blood clots, we had hoped had dissolved, are still very much present. Chronic DVT . This is a tough one for me to swallow, I know the risks of embolisms and the chromic pain involved. I’m concerned our hikes will continue to be painful for him, i’m concerned that the clot will break off and travel, i’m concerned they will make him keep taking blood thinner which carries it’s own added risks-oh, the worry of a wife…However, he assures me hourly that he is still climbing the exhausting and literally breath taking mountain to a full recovery and nothing will stop him from summiting.

Corte Madera, 7 mile hike

Looking out to San Diego County

Chris in March. Enjoying a stein from our hand built (by me!) kegorator! Looking good!

Charity. It comes in all shapes and sizes; kindness of heart, continual unwavering support, financial donations, empathy and acknowledgement-all equal.  Remember to fill your life with charitable acts everyday and support those who do.                                         

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2 Responses to Charity

  1. Karen Smyczek says:

    Your ability to roll with the punches and still continue to work so hard to help others really inspires me, Sayer. I know you are worried about the clots, but sounds like Dr. X will consult with Dr. Yang to come up with the best course to follow (Chris called me, he said I should convince you to stop worrying).. I know that won’t ever happen, but you know he’s getting the best care.

    The husband of a very dear friend was diagnosed this week with NHL in his lower abdomen, she’s going through the same anguish you and Chris have been through. They are just starting on their journey, but hearing how Chris has progressed is giving her some hope. She’s just scared, and she prayed so hard for Chris, I think it’s a good time to renew the favor. She never fails to ask about you and Chris.

    SO looking forward to seeing you guys in May!

  2. You two are such wonderful people. Your strength, your determination, and most of all the love you two have for each other is very inspiring. Happy, proud and blessed to have the pleasure of calling you two my friends =)

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