Yes, you can!

Most of the visitors to this site are my friends and family, but some find this site while searching the web for information about CNS lymphoma, because they or a loved one have been afflicted with this rare disease. This post is for the latter group. If you have researched the prognosis for CNS lymphoma victims, you have probably seen some very grim figures. Most of those figures are NOT current; they reflect studies done before the current treatments were available. Because this disease is rare, there are few, if any, studies that reflect the possibilities for patients who are being treated with the full force of modern medicine.
I was fortunate to have a wide range of advanced treatments available to me; you can read about them in my earlier post, “Then and Now.” Yesterday I saw my oncologist and learned that my recent MRI showed no signs of cancer, my blood counts are almost normal, I’ve lost much of the weight I gained due to the medicines I took, and in general I’m pretty healthy. I do have some residual damage in my leg from blood clots, but that also seems to be improving.
Of course I can’t be sure I’ll never have a recurrence, but I do know that I’ve been cancer free for several months, I’ve married the woman I love, I’ve returned to work, and I’ve had some opportunities to help others in tough circumstances.
Unfortunately, not everyone with CNS lymphoma will respond to treatment as well as I have so far. But I hope people will see that there is hope, that medicine can work, that people do survive to experience happy and meaningful lives.
Si se puede!

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2 Responses to Yes, you can!

  1. This is *so* encouraging. Thank you for the blog, it has provided me with a great deal of comfort and hope. While my dad is a bit older than you (just turned 60), he was always a strong man. He still is and according to his rock star team at Hopkins, is responding very well to the treatments.

    He grumbles about it (always hated taking medicine and it seems he’s been BLASTED with it now, LOL) but keeps going. His cognitive function has nearly returned to normal and he has only had three sessions of chemo (in his fourth RIGHT NOW).

    May you guys continue to have amazing lives and know that you continue to touch many more with your words and the courage to keep fighting this (and telling your stories of it). Thank you so very much.

    ~Katrina (an “armed-soldier-daughter” and kindred soul who fights with her father against CNS Lymphoma)

  2. Chicken says:

    Great post. Love you.
    Coming to hunt you down soon.

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