Another Year Older

Hard to believe I’ve made it through another year, but I just went to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston for an MRI and exam, and I am still cancer free. It hasn’t been the easiest year – I’ve had two total hip replacement surgeries – but I’m back on my feet and feeling strong. The hip issues are common in survivors of central nervous system lymphoma, they are a side effect of one of the drugs used to shrink the tumors. My new joints are made of a titanium alloy, ceramics and plastics, and if all goes well they will keep me moving well for another twenty years.

Speaking of moving, Sayer and I are planning another relocation, this time up in northern New England. But before we settle in there, we are taking our long-delayed honeymoon, to Andalusia, in southern Spain, with a side trip to Morocco.  We’re flying into Madrid, then traveling  through Granada, Seville, Ronda, Jerez, Cordoba, Gibraltar and Tangier. It will be out first trip overseas together and we’re pretty excited.



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7 Responses to Another Year Older

  1. Karen Smyczek says:

    You’ve both earned it and Dad and I couldn’t be happier that good thing are coming your way.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Congrats on the clean checkup, and I loved Andalusia perhaps the most of any place I’ve ever traveled. It’s a fine choice for honeymoon and I know you’ll have a wonderful adventure to share with us. Domestically, what has prompted the move north?

    –Best Friend

  3. Emma lennon says:

    Hi, we live in England, UK. My husband was diagnosed in January this year with PCNSL, and after 4 cycles of chemo has just undergone a SCT with his own stem cells….have been reading your posts and you are such an inspiration….keep going!

  4. Rich Rossiter says:

    Chris, we’re from Maine, so if you ever desire to move there, give Bill & I a ring. Enjoy the honeymoon.

    • Sayer Dion says:

      We moved to Northern VT. But frequent Maine a lot since we have a close friend in the Portland area and we love the Maine outdoors. What area are you in? Honeymoon was awesome, I will be putting up photos as soon as Chris uploads the ones from his camera.

      • Richard Rossiter says:

        We’ve lived in Chicago for the last 10 years, but before that Bill lived in Maine his entire life. Our last home before moving midwest was in Augusta. We too visited Portland often, as it’s a great city. In just a few weeks we’ll be traveling back to Maine to see our adult child and his grandchildren, and then north to Canada for our annual camping week at Fundy National Park in New Brunswik. Can’t wait! Take care.

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