Good things come in threes

Today marks three years in remission for this lucky guy. I’ve made a habit of having a little celebration each year on or near the anniversary. The first year Sayer and I climbed Mt. Whitney to celebrate, and I was so happy just to be alive and feeling strong again. Last year, it was a big day because being cancer free for two years meant it was a lot more likely I would stay that way. This year is a little quieter and more contemplative, as I’m thinking ,more about the future and how to make the best of this second chance at life. Sayer and I have been enjoying our time in Vermont so far and we’re thinking more about settling down, maybe buying a house someday and, well, who knows what else the future may hold.
In other news, I recently had the opportunity to participate in a great project aimed at helping others struck with CNS lymphoma. Several CNSL surviviors wrote down their stories and they’ve been complied into an e-book. I often wished in the early days of trying to understand and accept my diagnosis that I could draw on the experience of someone who had gone through it before. I think this electronic book will provide just such a resource for those that need it. I’m trying to post the book here on the site, but if you or someone you know would like to read it, just send me a note and I’ll be happy to e-mail it to you.
Central_Nervous_System_Lymphoma_-_Survivors_&_Caregivers_Stories (2)

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One Response to Good things come in threes

  1. John A. Baird says:

    Thought I just typed one of these. Was it recently??

    For “further comments” ~~ [1] I didn’t know this site is “ongoing”. [2] I find myself too separated from real people, like you two ~ and Karen & Martin. [3] Too much of my reality is on the computer. [4] I enjoy reading your adventures on Facebook.

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