Unfortunately, like many others, Chris was without health insurance when he was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma. The bills alone for the first 2 weeks are well into the hundreds of thousands! While we understand there is no superfluous price tag on life, the overwhelming feeling of anxiety has already begun to set in and we worry about our future P.C. (post cancer). Any donation would be greatly appreciated. We love you all very much and are so grateful for your support.



9 Responses to Donate!

  1. Anne Scott says:

    Dear Sayer,
    Hi – Just a note to let you know that both you and Chris are in my thoughts and prayers. Your Mom has been letting me know how all is going. It sounds like if anyone can get Chris through this, it is you.
    Looking forward to seeing you at the shower.
    Anne Scott

  2. Julianne Harris says:

    Dear Sayer,
    Aunt Karen and Aunt Janet have been keeping Chris’s extended family in Texas updated. Please know you are both in our prayers.
    Julianne Harris

  3. Hi!
    I do not know Chris, but am I am a chef, a cancer survivor and I live in San Diego.
    It would be my pleasure to cook for you and Chris, but since I am also a techno dinosaur, I am having difficulty finding the calendar to sign up for a date.
    Chef Candy Wallace

    • Sayer Dion says:

      Hey Candy, Nice to meet you. Chris and I appreciate any meals we can get! The calendar is on the events calendar page, also if you want send me your email address and I can share it with you that way.

  4. Janet Boron says:

    Karen told me about Gromit’s “marking” your bed. Please use this gift to help you two get a new mattress and box spring. Trust me, you will NEVER get the odor out! As for the HUGE hospital bill–screw ’em. You can’t get blood from a stone. Love you both and pray for you both every day. Sayer, you are such a blessing to the family. I can’t imagine how Chris would have managed without your advocacy and steely nerves. You are a treasure. Aunt Janet

  5. Stacey Kuehner says:

    Hi Sayer and Chris,
    We want to support the cause! Jostahn (6 year old son) told me that he has $1 in his secret money box and wants to send it so that the scientists can find the cure to cancer. So with his dollar and our contribution, we’d like to mail a check; where should I send it?
    The website is excellent; it does need a Gromit page though…I’m sure you have enough pictures to fill it thoroughly!
    Be well,
    Stacey, John, Jostahn and Viviahn

    • Sayer Dion says:

      Hi Stacey,
      Thank you for checking out our website. I’ve been getting requests for more pictures of Gromit, however he has been a bit of a brat the past 2 weeks, so I will wait to reward him by adding photos until he starts behaving himself! That is so very sweet of your son, Chris will be very touched when he hears that. You can either donate through the website (however paypal takes a cut) or you can send a check made out to Chris at 3628 Felton St. San Diego Ca 92104. I have set up a “secret” money box account too-just for donations in case we hit a rough patch with insurance or prescription costs. Thanks again for your support. Sayer

  6. patti says:

    Hello Sayer and Chris, I’m truly left speechless reading your account – I loved especially the engagement spot on the PCT trail, how beautiful! I miss seeing both of your friendly smiling faces at Blind Lady and I am sending you wishes for a strong recovery, along with a donation, in lieu of Rowan’s graduation gift. I send you much love and many hugs, Patti

  7. Lisa Costello says:

    Dear Chris and Sayer… I too was moved by your story … truly great writing! I don’t see you very often, but when I do, you both have a smile on your face. Grace: both of you have this. I wish you strength on your journey and recovery. I have a made donation also as part of Rowan’s graduation gift… with much love.


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